Photo_Services06Our residential service plans are customized to accommodate the individual needs of the homeowner. We will perform an onsite inspection of your pool, spa, and/or decorative fountain to determine the best service plan and schedule for your pool.

Typical residential service plans include:

  • Standard chemicals necessary to maintain clear and balanced water chemistry; testing and adjusting the water chemistry for balanced chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  • Check water circulation systems to ensure proper functioning.
  • If applicable, maintain salt chlorination systems for optimal operating functionality.
  • Clean tile, walls, steps and floors. Vacuum and/or leaf catch, empty traps or skimmer baskets, and backwash as needed.
  • Hose/blow decks and furniture.
  • Add water to the pool while on site if necessary.
  • Maintain the water chemistry during the winter season. Keep pool and deck free of debris during the fall and spring. Place or remove pool covers at the beginning or end of the winter and spring seasons.
  • Notify the homeowner of problems or concerns; receive approval of any necessary repairs and associated costs prior to work being completed.
  • If requested, report all services performed to the customer via email.