Photo_Services07Blue Waters’ mission is to enhance and preserve the value your swimming pool brings to your community. Our commercial services are designed to meet the specific needs of neighborhood pools, property management companies, homeowners’ associations, hotels, motels, private clubs and corporate owned properties. Commercial customers can rest assured that Blue Waters will consistently provide a clean, safe and healthy swimming experience.

Typical commercial service plans include:

  • Perform all Licensed Pool Operator (CPO) duties as mandated by South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).
  • Provide standard chemicals necessary to maintain clear and balanced water chemistry; test and adjust the water chemistry for chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  • Vacuum and/or leaf catch; empty traps or skimmer baskets and brush tile, walls, steps and floors.
  • Check water circulation systems to assure proper functioning.
    If applicable, maintain salt chlorination systems for optimal operating functionality.
  • Straighten furniture, hose/blow decks and furniture.
  • Add water to the pool while on site.
  • Maintain neighborhood entrance fountains if requested.
  • Maintain restroom facilities if requested.
  • Maintain the water chemistry during the winter season. Keep pool and deck free of debris during the fall and spring.
  • If requested, report all services performed via email.


* DHEC is the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. They mandate and enforce the rules for all public swimming pool facilities.
Click here to view the SC DHEC Swimming Pool Regulations.